Saturday, October 29, 2011

Obama is Going Around Congress to Pass Portions of his Jobs Plan (NOT AN ASSIGNMENT!!!!)

I came across this article on Yahoo News about Obama's new dictatorship. He is bypassing Congress because they won't give him what he wants.
"We can no longer wait for Congress to do its job,' Obama said. "So where Congress won't act, I will."
If I'm not mistaken that's a dictatorship, Obama. He also said that Republicans in Congress 'aren't getting the message'. Maybe because they know a dictator when they see one.
There are numerous occasions where Obama has either walked out of debt talks or vetoed bills because he didn't get what he wants. He then turns around and blames Republicans, Bush, technology, a Japanese earthquake, and Ronald Reagan for all the country's heartache and sorrow.  And along with everything else, Obama believes that the Constitution is do you swear to uphold and protect the Constitution if you find it flawed?? You can promise to change the constitution if you find it flawed. You can promise to change the laws if they are flawed, but Mr. President your policies are flawed. Your polices do not work, have not worked, will not work. And if I remember correctly, Mr. President, you said if your polices do not work, you would be a one term president. Instead you just take your ball and go home cause you don't like how the other kids on the block play... tough titty said the kitty, but the milk's still good. All the other presidents had to operate within the boundaries of the law...what makes you any different? Why don't checks and balances apply to you? Why do you need more time???

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  1. The executive branch really doesn't have that much power... the legislative branch should be provoking your outrage

  2. That's my point...He doesn't have that power but he is taking it anyway. And people like you just let him.

  3. What he's doing is simply lobbying the public. Why is that blasphemy, because he's the president? Politicians and the media do it everyday John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Bill Maher, and Rush Limbaugh all do the same thing. They lobby the public for political influence. The beautiful thing about our government is if you think Obama's policies are flawed call your Congressman/Representative and tell them not to vote for anything he proposes. You can't be a dictator in America the system doesn't allow it, Kim Jong-il is a dictator.

  4. Lobbying the public and going around the Constitution are two different things. If you had actually READ the article, instead of skimming through my post until you found something that pissed you off, the President does not have the power to GO AROUND THE CONSTITUTION. That is my main concern, and calling my congressman, whom Obama is going around in the first place, complaining to them about what Obama is doing won't really accomplish anything. My goal was that people like you would read the article and think for yourselves for once. Nobody has the right to go around the Constitution. Period.