Monday, October 17, 2011

Jesse Jackson Jr., Constitution be Damned.....wait, what? (NOT AN ASSIGNMENT!!)

I found this article this morning and it really grinds my gears to hear an 'American' blatantly make ridiculous statements about our president, economy, and next year's election. So junior here, believes that Mr. Obama idealizes Abraham Lincoln; because he feels that Abraham Lincoln was fighting against states in rebellion, however Lincoln wasn't fighting states in rebellion he was fighting for human rights as he saw it from his religious viewpoint.
Junior also compares the congress now to the congress of Abe Lincoln's time AND that congress is now 'determined to wreck or ruin at all costs".
He believes in a 'direct hiring' of 15 million unemployed Americans at $40,000 a head which is some 600 billion dollars in a another stimulus plan. And then just another 104 billion to bail out the states...that brings it to 704 billion dollars so far. AND for ANOTHER 104 billion, we bail out the CITIES. At a cost of 808 BILLION we put to work 15 million people for the government.  He has already spent 11 trillion dollars on 'helping to stimulate the economy' and the economy is worse than it's EVER BEEN and Mr. Jackson thinks we should go around congress, our checks and balance system, and around the constitution.  But correct me if I'm wrong here, if Obama does that won't that make him a dictator??
Democrats will do anything to keep their precious "prodigy" in office....even Suspend elections.

Link to article: Mr. Jackson...are you for real?

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